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What type of casino you should avoid

If you’ve been looking around the internet for a while to find a good casino site, you have probably noticed that there is an almost endless string of casinos out there, each one different from the next. Of course, this brings great variety to casino players from around the world, which is a really good thing, as everyone can find a casino that seems almost tailored to their preferences. But on the other hand, with so many casinos around, there is no easy way of telling which casinos are not too serious, or which casinos are trying to scam people out of money. In this article I want to give you some tips on how to avoid the really bad casino sites, and some off the tell-tell signs that the casino is rouge and should be avoided.

First of all, make sure the support team are actually responding you. If a casino is just out to scam people or fraud people, they won’t have invested in a customer support team, so they will usually not respond in a timely and efficient manner. So whenever you sign up to an online casino, you should always send an email to the support team to get an overview of whether they seem to be knowing what they’re doing or not. A good support team is a key stone for any good casino.

The next one is to check the bonus offers. Fraudulent casinos are known to always advertise offers and bonus promotions that are almost “too good to be true”. If you stumble upon a casino that offers 10.000 dollars in bonus with no deposit needed, that should probably raise some alarm bells. What I would recommend doing is to check up various forums on the internet to see what other players have experienced at that particular casino. Make sure to get several peoples opinion. One thing that is worth thinking about here, however, is that it’s more likely that a disappointed customer will write a really bad review to let off some steam, rather than a satisfied customer writing a good review. People kind of expect services to be good, so it’s only when we feel that we’ve been treated wrong that we actually want to share that.

One of the easiest ways of finding the safe and really good casinos is to visit a casino comparison website, where you will find a big list of different casinos, all of which are licensed by their respective authorities, which means that you can safely play at those casinos knowing they are supervised by the government in the country in which they operate. These websites often offers information of where to find the best bonuses and promotions too, so that you can really get your money’s worth. If you would like to double check that a casino is actually licensed, you should scroll down to the bottom of the page of the casinos homepage – This is where you will usually find their license number. If you cannot find the licensing number at the bottom of the page, you could always try to contact support and request the number. You can then make sure by checking that licensing number up online.

When it comes to finding good casinos, and filtering out bad ones, you should also trust your gut feels. If you visit a casino, and something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to be fairly cautious when you’re looking for new online casinos – after all, it’s your own money that you will deposit to them!